Software Architecture

Our architects participate on numerous development projects in key positions. Customers appreciate our unique ability to understand not only the intricacies of software development, but also the underlying environment, such as network devices, server systems, OSS/BSS and similar systems. We specialise in the architecture of infrastructure systems intended for Enterprise, Telecommunications or Internet environments.

Our ability and experience to guide architecture of software development and deployment projects resulted in creation of Pragmatic Software Architecture training course.

Identity Management

Our specialists were among the first that were focused on Identity Management technologies and lead the first identity management deployments in Central European region. We have gained a lot of experience that we are able to fully utilize in new identity management projects.

Our comapny was a dedicated partner of Sun Microsystems from the very start and we enjoyed working with the appropriate technologies provided by Sun. However, lots of things have changed after Sun was acquired and we do not agree with the approch to a development of Sun's technologies in Oracle. We support continuity and prefer engineering values over marketing values. Therefore we have teamed up with ForgeRock who has provided home for key technologies of Sun Microsystems in the field of identity management. We have also took significant part in establishing a new open-source software company Evolveum. The IDM system developed by Evolveum called midPoint is now the primary platform for our identity management projects.

We have the most experiences in following areas:

Directory Services (LDAP)

  • Sun/Oracle Directory Server Enterprise Edition (DSEE)
  • OpenDJ/OpenDS Directory Server
  • OpenLDAP Directory Server

User Provisioning

  • midPoint
  • OpenIDM
  • Sun Java System Identity Manager (Waveset Lighthouse)
  • Novell Identity Manager
  • Oracle Identity Manager

Simplified Sign-On and Identity Federation

  • OpenAM/OpenSSO
  • OpenID
  • Sun Java System Access Manager (Sun ONE Identity Server)

We provide studies and analyses for Identity Management projects, especially as part of pre-project data gathering and analysis. The results of such studies are used as inputs to full-scale Identity Management projects, are used for planning, budgeting and project feasibility evaluation.

Being a small company, we usually do not engage in full-scale Identity Management projects just by ourselves, as we do not maintain enough engineers for such projects. We participate in Identity Management projects that are contracted and managed by larger partner companies. However, our specialists participate on such projects in key positions, such as architects and development leaders.

Software Development

We provide software development services as an additional service while working on projects in other areas. We support following technologies:

Software Development

  • Java, both as Java Enterprise Edition and "lighter" approaches using Spring, OSGi and similar technologies
  • Perl programming language
  • C/C++
  • SOAP and REST Web Services
  • Semantic Web technologies and RDF

Version Control and Release Management

  • Maintaining large source code repositories (CVS and Subversion)
  • Supporting the build process: Maven, ant, make and similar systems
  • Continuous integration
  • Software release management: planning, supervision, execution

Authentication, Authorization and Accounting (AAA) Systems

Our employees have extensive expertise in the area of AAA systems, especially medium-to-large ISP systems based on Directory Services. Our experiences includes strong authentication systems and integration with Identity Management systems.

AAA & Access Management

  • Cisco Access Registrar
  • OpenAM/OpenSSO (Sun Java System Access Manager)

Directory (LDAP) Services

  • Sun/Oracle Directory Server Entreprise Edition (DSEE, Sun Java System Directory Server, Sun ONE Directory Server)
  • OpenDJ/OpenDS Directory Server
  • OpenLDAP Directory Server