Consulting and Expert Services

Our specialists can provide short-term consultation services in the areas of our expertise as well as a longer-term participation on project. We usually work as a sub-contractors of larger system integrators, focusing on system architecture and solving vital parts of the projects.

Identity Management Projects

Identity management projects are always special. No two projects are the same, as no two organizations are the same. Therefore a substantial expertise and experience are needed for an identity management project to succeed. We have that and we can provide it in a form of consultations, support or similar form of participation.

Our services allow you to successfully implement identity management project using your own team supported by our experience and expertise. Being a small company we do not have the capacity to handle complete identity management projects just by our own team – except for the very small projects. Therefore we team up with stronger partners that have the human resources to staff the project. We provide experience, expertise and support during the project. Our architects and engineers will provide technological leadership needed for your implementation team to learn and grow.

Detailed description of the service is avaliable on request.

Analytical and Research Projects

We provide analytical and other expert services in a form of short analytical and research projects. We can prepare technological studies, preliminary design and architecture documents, proof of concept installations, feasibility studies, project reviews and other services. We can also provide advice in project preparation phases, help with project scope, resources and budget estimations.

Body Leasing

We provide our specialists for long-term projects on a body-leasing basis. Our employees have long experience with teamwork on large-scale projects and will be a great value for existing as well as new project teams.

Trainings and Workshops

We provide non-certified on-site trainings for the specialised technology areas. We construct both formalized, curriculum-based trainings and non-formal training guided by instructor's presentation.

Formalized Trainings

Our company is constructing trainings, preparing all training documentations providing instructors for the trainings. These are typically multi-day comprehensive courses. Formalized, curriculum-based trainings are organised by our partner, SanED Consulting.

Non-formal Trainings

Non-formal trainings are lead by instructor's presentation, which can be heavily customised to match the needs of attendees. The non-formal trainings usually take few hours, but no more than a full day.

  • Identity Management Architecture
  • LDAP Basics and Sun Java System Directory Server
  • LDAP Basics and OpenLDAP directory server
  • Sun Java System Identity Manager essentials (sales)
  • Sun Java System Identity Manager essentials (technical)
  • Sun Java System Identity Manager customization in XPRESS
  • Sun Java System Identity Manager customization in XPRESS and Java
  • System Architecture for the Internet environment
  • Java Programming ("Basic" and "Advanced")
  • Perl Programming ("Basic" and "Advanced Object Oriented")
  • Solaris Administration, Networking and Deployment
  • Linux Administration (Debian, Ubuntu or other major distribution)

Our trainings are lead by experienced instructors that used the technologies in real-world projects. The prefered platform for the trainings is Solaris/Linux, but it is possible to deliver them on any platform. It is also possible to provide a customized training or workshop, entirely tailored to customer's needs.