About nLight

nLight is a small, specialized company operating on European IT services market. We provide services in the field of software architecture, design and deployment. We are experts in the area of identity management, our company participated in vast majority of identity management projects in Slovakia and in many projects and trainings in neighboring countries. In addition to identity management we also support variety of other technologies, mostly focused on information systems infrastructure. Most of our experience applies to telecommunication and banking verticals, however we have experience in most of other segments as well.

Our services are usually available anywhere in the Europe, however we mostly operate in Central Europe. We are Slovak company based in Lozorno, situated close to Bratislava and not far away from Vienna, Budapest, Brno and Prague.

nLight was founded in 2004 and it is slowly but steadily growing using only our own capital.

We are strongly technologically oriented, our success is based on a small team of experienced engineers. We always try to provide the best value to our customers. We also support both internal and external research projects and continuous education of our employees.